Construction - upgrade of the Kalloni - Sigri road on Lesvos

The excavations of the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrifi ed Forest along the new Kalloni -Sigri road have revealed important evidence of the composition of the subtropical forests that once fl ourished on Lesvos during the its long volcanic period, as well as new particulars about its topography and mode of creation.


The Exhibition “The FOREST under the ROAD” presents archaeological fi nds from the fossiliferous sites uncovered by the excavations of the new Kalloni – Sigri road. The exhibition focuses on the portion of road running through the protected area of the Petrifi ed Forest, which improves the existing connection between Sigri and Antissa.

The exhibition also presents new information provided by the hundreds of new fi ndings, highlighted in the exhibit on the destruction of the subtropical forests in the Northern Aegean by violent volcanic eruptions that occurred during the lower Miocene, as well as the creation of the Petrifi ed Forest.

In the Exhibition, we will learn about:
• the dozens of large petrifi ed tree trunks of subtropical forests which were razed by the shockwaves of the tremendous eruptions and the pyroclastic fl ows that followed - rare and fascinating fi nds including root systems, trunks, branches, roots, and tree leaves.

• the evidence of the violence of the volcanic eruptions which destroyed the subtropical forests and led to the creation of a protected monument of nature, such as a petrifi ed tree trunk which visibly embodies the brute force of the volcanic eruption, and the resulting process of fossilization as seen in the lower part of the trunk with its in situ root system which was covered by volcanic ash and petrifi ed by the movement of fl uids rich in silicon

• excavation procedures, conservation, transport and the documentation of fi ndings, mapping and enhancement of fossils sites along the Kalloni - Sigri road.

“The FOREST under the ROAD” exhibition is part of Subproject 5 “Fossil Research” of the Operational Programme “Improvement of Accessibility” NSRF 2007-2013 Action “Construction - upgrade road of the Kalloni-Sigri Highway on Lesvos”, which the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrifi ed Forest implemented with own means.