Protection and preservation of the fossil-bearing sites

Along the route of the new Kalloni - Sigri road between the village of Sigri and Antissa several important fossiliferous sites will be preserved and specific measures have been planed for their protection and promotion.

Vrysaki Region (VRY 089-VRF 066)
At the Vrysaki site (VRY-VRF) with (k.p. 5 + 820,00 – k.p. 6 + 301,00) , findings have revealed that this site has the highest density of leaf imprint fossils so far. A particularly important leaf horizon with very well preserved leaf imprints has been discovered. One feature of this site is the wide variety of plant species.

The area is also characterized by rich finds of fossilized tree trunks and segments which have been moved for protection reasons.

Among the findings are14 fossilized trunks that have remained in location as all necessary measures have been taken for their protection. Two standing petrified trunks have been found in the slope of the new road, still within the pyroclastic material which fossilized them.

Mandri area (MTO 126)
At the Mandri area (k.p. + 6 301.00 - 7 k.p. +000,00) , hundreds of fossilized tree trunks have been uncovered, the density of fossils in places recreating the image of a dense subtropical forest.

Seventy nine fossilized logs, with their anatomy in an excellent state of preservation, have remained in their original positions.


Bahariotaki Region (BY 034)
At the Bahariotaki site (BY) with (k.p. 4 + 700.00 – k.p. 5 + 505.00), large standing fossilized tree trunks have been uncovered with their petrified wood preserved in an excellent condition. Due to the impossibility of any kind of a transfer, a request has been sent to the responsible Ministry for a road deviation at this point.

This is a very important region as its uniquelyvaluable fossilized tree trunks are still in their original positions and all necessary protective measures have been taken.