Fossil-bearing sites

Th e route of the new Kalloni - Sigri road between the village of Sigri and Antissa can be divided into individual fossiliferous areas.


A. Veili Hill Region (VEL 300) /New Alignment Region(SI178)
Hundreds of large fragments and chunks of petrified logs have been found, mostly on the surface.

Along the first section of the new alignment (k.p. 0 + 000-k.p. 1+ 733.48), which starts from the junction of the existing road and the road to the Natural History Museum, 178 movable fossils (fragments and chunks of petrifi ed trunks) were found.

A large fracture-filling silica vein has also been discovered formed by the intense circulation of silica-rich hydrothermal fluids associated with the creation of the Petrified Forest. Fossilized trunk segments were also identified.

B. Taxiarhis Region (TCH032)
During the excavations along the existing road in the Taxiarhis area (k.p. 1 + 733.48 – k.p. 2 + 478.00), 32 findings were identified altogether. Two large petrified coniferous trunks were uncovered, with well-preserved internal anatomies. They will be maintained in their natural position, located in the vicinity of the road alignment, since protective measures have been taken.