The Exhibition

Plomari village
"Beniamin Lesvios" Society
Opening: October 2nd 2018


The exhibition presents to the public the preliminary results and characteristic new findings from the fossiliferous sites revealed during excavations for the construction of the new Kalloni - Sigri road. A part of the new Kalloni - Sigri road crosses the protected area of the Petrified Forest from Sigri to Antissa.

Opening Hours:
Monday - friday 8:00 – 16:00
Saturday - Sunday Closed


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Fossil-bearing sites

Th e route of the new Kalloni - Sigri road between the village of Sigri and Antissa can be divided…

The excavation process

Fossils excavated in the area of the Petrifi ed Forest, particularly along the new road alignment…

Documentation and survey

In addition to the field journal, the compilation of catalogues and a system of cards facilitate…

The conservation process

The conservation of plant fossils, part of Subproject 5 “Fossil Research” of the “Construction - upgra…